Klangholz, a band from the heart of South Tyrol (Italy) was formed in summer of 2014. The only problem was, that no one could play any instrument. So Elisabeth, Andreas and Andi had to learn to play the instrument on his own. After we've played three years in this constellation, Simon joined the Band!

We started by playing the ukulele and sang some covers. But soon it was clear to us... we want more!
By writing our own songs and creating own tunes on the instruments we became the true Klangholz.
Currently we worked on our first single. We are using a nice range of instruments to create the sound we love. Stay tuned for our first single called "Fly"!


General Inquiries

The Band

Simon Enz

Simon was the last member who joined Klangholz. He's like the saddle of a horse... You can try to ride without it, but you wouldn't make it!

Simi brings everything we needed in the band: Looseness coupled with a lot of fun and professionalism!

Eli is the voice of the band. She also plays guitar and ukulele. The best quality of her is her serenity - which helps us a lot when we write our songs, or practice, but also on stage!

She's also a main organizer at a big South Tyrolean festival and supported the experiment Spirit&Sound.

Elisabeth Pichler

Andi is our rhythm master. He's the brother of Eli and is our youngest band member. His creativity starts with cajon, natural instruments like coconuts and reach until the electric "maschine" drum-pad.

Andreas Pichler

Andi plays guitar, ukulele and supports Eli with his voice.

He's the tireless engine of the band and is always determined to reach his goals. He has already realized several projects -  for example the great Italian music experiment Spirit&Sound and a big festival which is based in South Tyrol.

Andreas Mair


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